Rogers General Contracting offers an intensely hands-on approach, providing the care and responsiveness you expect.  As clients, you deserve nothing less.  

All successful projects start out with a well-conceived and executed plan.  Managing a construction project is a complex process. One must ensure that all participants—engineers, electricians, millworkers, plumbers, plasters, painters, tile setters and other professionals—can  expertly execute their own unique role while working seamlessly with the rest of the team. We are known for fostering a collaborative experience with our subcontractors that is defined by mutual trust and respect, which results in the highest quality work.

At the inception of a project, our primary objective is to align all the members of the project team, so that we share the same vision and goals. We fulfill this objective by first identifying what drives the project and then, by creating a financial structure that bridges potentially competing interests.  It is our belief that every successful professional relationship begins by defining a clear set of objectives. We listen to you and strive to understand your needs. We see our role as sharing our years of experience and framing realistic expectations for all parties.  

Our approach demands that we identify the many factors that can affect the success of a project and organize the information in such a manner that our clients and the project team have a transparent, yet solid framework from which to make informed decisions. Modeling different scenarios and exploring solutions, creative and conventional, is indispensable to forming a common understanding of the available options and allows us the ability to confidently select the best way to approach a project. By understanding the relationship of these competing forces, our approach will allow you to not only make informed decisions, but to also exert effective control over the entire construction process. This is best done through early involvement of the preconstruction team. Our preconstruction team is unrivaled in experience and detail.  

You will find that our process is entirely transparent and open book, which means that material costs, labor costs, and associated fees are meticulously tracked and disclosed to you on a consistent basis.  Throughout each stage of the process, I will serve as an advocate for you, as well as a voice for our subcontractors. This helps to ensure that your needs are communicated effectively and met as efficiently as possible while ascertaining that all expectations are realistic and fair.

A team is only good as its weakest player; subcontractors are vital to the success of any project.  We have strong relationships with proven subcontractors and vendors who have demonstrated their abilities to complete work on time and within budget, while maintaining the highest quality standards at a value you deserve.