Our mission is to provide a select clientele the best customer experience in the industry by being a true partner in the very personal process of building a home.  Too often, builders grow to a size that the hands on approach is no longer possible or they lose the passion for why they started the business. For us, the hands on approach and interaction fosters excitement and energy like the first time we walked onto a construction site.  We bring energy, curiosity, and skill to every new engagement – endeavoring to build homes in which everyone involved in the construction can take immense pride.

Rogers General Contracting was founded with a core team that has worked together for years.   We have successfully managed multiple estate homes through preconstruction to construction together.  Beyond that core team, a builder is only as good as his extended team of subcontractors and vendors. Our team has built deep and lasting relationships with the best subcontractors and vendors in the area, working collaboratively to deliver projects ranging from kitchen remodels to award-winning estates.

We have developed a deep appreciation for the homes, their architecture and most importantly, the people that reside within them.  Our entire team cares profoundly about our customers. For us, the quality of the experience you have is especially personal.  

We believe in being a relentless advocate for you.  We demand openness and honesty from our subcontractors, helping to establish a unique level of trust between clients, contractors, and craftsman.   At the same time, because they are treated with fairness and respect, subcontractors are eager and empowered to achieve at their highest level.

The cultural foundation of our company is best described as relationships built upon trust.  These relationships include our team, our subcontractors, clients, architects, designers and engineers.  This foundation allows the entire project team to engage in a constructive manner while working through the thousands of details at the preconstruction and construction phases.  Without these relationships or the trust that we have built, the inevitable conflicts during construction often become destructive and will ultimately impact quality, price, schedule and the client experience in a negative fashion.  

Our empathetic management style allows us to create bonds of trust, it gives us insights into what others may be feeling or thinking; it helps us understand how or why others are reacting to situations, it sharpens our “people acumen” and it informs our decisions.  By “putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes” we are able to communicate better. True communication is the best way to avoid problems and solve them when they arise. and to learn from our mistakes. True communication can only happen if there is a foundation of trust between all parties.  

The best way to summarize our history and culture is based on the following promises:

  • We promise that we have the team, expertise and relationships to build your project.
  • We promise that we will not overcommit that team and that you will receive very personal attention.
  • We promise that we will error on the side of over-communication, ensuring that everyone involved in your project from the craftspeople through the design team are all aligned around your vision for your home.
  • We promise that we will always act with the highest level of integrity. 
  • We promise that we will treat you fairly and always act in your best interest; constantly asking “What would I want if I were building this home for my family?”