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Architecture: Smith Architectural Group

Landscape Architecture: Nievera Williams

Interiors: Stephen Sills Associates

An elegant example of Howard Major’s residential work in Palm Beach, designed in 1930 in the Louis XVI style, required a meticulous restoration to suit our clients’ family lifestyle. The landmark home had not been touched for many years and sections of it had to be rebuilt to bring it to code without detracting from its historic charm and grace. Surgical precision was required to disassemble portions of the home and rebuild it with exacting accuracy. Every inch had a story to tell, from the decade’s old copies of the New York Times stuffed in the walls that once served as insulation, to the original wood paneling found throughout the interiors. Our goal was to respect those stories at every step and in the end, our clients summed up the process aptly — it was like slipping in and out of a wedding gown without soiling it. 

2023 Ballinger Award Winner

The weathered Cuban limestone exterior was restored with new stone treated in dirt and buttermilk to match the original patina. We sourced stone pavers from a chateau in France to faithfully match the existing.

Our clients wanted to keep the original wood paneling found throughout. We removed and refreshed each one and installed upgraded mechanical and electrical systems behind them. Door openings were widened, windows added, the kitchen replanned, and new bathrooms installed that reflect the home’s elegant 1930s vibe.